What's a clothing swap?

A clothing swap is a way to simultaneously get rid of all the clothes, shoes, and accessories that you never wear (but have been taking up space), while getting a bunch of new clothes that have been pre-selected as eminently wearable by the other people in attendance.

What's a book swap?

It's just like a clothing swap, only you leave your shirt on (if you want), and it's books instead of clothes. And it's a touch harder for us to organize (by author? genre? color?)- but don't you worry your head about that. You just have a good time. Also, there's less reason to take your pants off at a book swap, but don't let that stop you.

Where's Mighty?

Mighty is located in Potrero Hill at 119 Utah St between 15th and Alemeda. Here's a Google map of the area.

What should I bring for a clothing swap?

For a clothing swap, bring any clothes, shoes, or accessories (hats, bracelets, etc.) that look good but haven't been worn in more than two months. Stuff that needs the love that you haven't been able to give it. Stuff that your ex left behind but is too nice to just throw away. You get the idea. Please wash the stuff you bring before you bring it. What not to bring: underwear, ripped up cloth, anything used for any kind of sex, dirty clothes- people will see you with this stuff in line, and adding it to the swap, and they will hate you.

What should I bring for a book swap?

For a book swap, books. Good books. Not just the copy of The Da Vinci Code you've kept hidden away. Think big. Bring stuff you'd be excited to see. While we're sure that there'll be a few Stephen King books, we're not scared to take a bite out of Pynchon. We're also down with comic books and graphic novels. However, don't bring magazines. In fact, don't subscribe to magazines. That's what the internet is for.

Is this a trade?

Not in the strict sense of I'll-give-you-this-if-you-give-me-that. You'll hand off your items at the door and never have to deal with them again, and you then get to try on, check out, and take home any stuff you want.

What if I don't have any clothes/books to trade? Can I still come to the swap?

Yes, but there will be an additional $5 fee at the door. But come on- you have stuff to bring. Or your roommates do. Or your ex-boyfriend did, and he left them at your house (sucker!). Or something. How do you not have clothes to trade? Also, you can bring hats, shoes, belts, backpacks, the stuff you wore to Burning Man (but washed, yes?), and costumes and seriously whatever. Bring stuff to swap.

Can I just bring like two shirts and walk away with tons of clothes?

C'mon, now. This is a friggin' clothing drive. Don't get all weird over $5. If you don't have a grocery bag's worth of clothes (at least), just pay the extra $5- think about it: at worst, if you only find one really cool shirt, you'll have spent $10 on a really cool shirt and had a good time doing it. That whips the crap out of going shopping. We don't need weaksauce donations, the people around you in line will think you're lame, and the check-in people will mock you.

Can I just grab all the best clothes and resell them?

We'd rather you didn't. At the end of the day, our goal is to raise clothes for people who are in need, while creating a fun environment for people to come and refresh their wardrobe. It's pretty obvious when a person is doing this, and we'll usually ask them to stop and try things on rather than filling their bags with everything that looks nice.

Can anyone come to the swap?

Everyone is welcome, so long as they're over 21. Mighty is a nightclub/bar, and they'll be checking IDs. But other than potential age issues: sure! Anyone can come!

What can I expect?

When you show up, one of our organizers will take your clothes and start doing what their title suggests they do. All you have to do is jump in and start having fun. There'll be tons of books/clothes, drinks, good music... basically a really nice afternoon in San Francisco.

What happens to the leftover clothes and books?

All leftover items will be donated to local Bay Area charities.

I run a local business, and I would like to help out, either monetarily or in-kind. How can I become a sponsor of SwapSF?

Thank god you asked. We need sponsors to both help with costs and to donate alcohol, coffee, clothing, and books. We'd prefer local businesses, but if you're a giant, faceless, multinational corporation, hey- we're not picky. We have sponsorship opportunities on our website, in our newsletters, and- most importantly- at our events. please visit our sponsorship page or contact Jason (jason@swapsf.com) if you're interested in finding out more.

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